About Switch It

You don’t have to
change your life to
change the world.

Switched Green
Goal by 2023

Switch your money.
Save the planet.

Sure, there are sexier ways to make change than through banking and finance.

But in a world where corporations can legally buy elections…

Where protest is criminalized…

Where Facebook posts swing the fate of democratic nations…

And destructive fossil fuel extraction projects attract trillion-dollar investments…

It’s time to re-think what change looks like.

In the 6 years since the Paris Climate Agreement,banks have invested £2.7 trillion in fossil fuel companies, making one thing painfully clear…


The world’s leading financial and energy institutions are
NOT going to change if we don’t force them to.

And the easiest way we can force them to change is by taking our money elsewhere.

Because when you take away their money, you take away their power to destroy the planet.

And by giving that money to institutions that invest in alternative energy sources, you accelerate the rate of change exponentially.

So use Switch It to learn how to easily turn your money green. And invest in change for a better future.

What is Switch It?

Switch It is a not-for-profit organization that makes it easy for anyone to move their money out of institutions that fund fossil fuel companies.

We believe that the global climate change crisis is leading us toward certain disaster and that immediate and drastic change is the only hope for the world.

After reading study after study proving that moving your money is the most effective way to decrease the use of fossil fuels in our world…

We dedicated all of our resources to exposing the banks, energy providers, and pension providers who use our money to fund climate and ecological breakdown.

And to empowering individuals and businesses to switch to cleaner, greener providers.

To date, we’ve helped individuals move over $180M and counting away from fossil fuels and into institutions that align with our vision for a clean energy future.

It takes just 15 seconds to see if your money is funding climate destruction. So click below to find out.

Who is Switch It?

Anna Chirico

Creative Director

For as long as I can remember, eco-consciousness
has been a part of my life.

So when I went to my first climate protest, I really couldn’t understand why everyone was screaming at me. I mean, all I was doing was trying to save the world.

It shook me up a bit. I was dedicating my life to this, but…

After seeing the reaction of the world to what I was doing, it became hard to understand how we were going to change the world…when the whole world seemed to be against us.

That led me to rethink the best way to make meaningful change.

So when the opportunity to build Switch It came into my life, for the first time it all seemed so obvious.

This was a path to change that was literally open to anybody– and that’s what’s so exciting about the Switch It movement.

You don’t need to be an activist to have an impact.

In just 5 minutes, you can dramatically change your impact on the climate and our environment.

It’s empowering. Inspiring. And liberating.

And it’s So. Freaking. Easy.

Hi, I’m Anna. And I believe in the power of the switch. Join us and experience it for yourself.


Sophie Cowen

Campaign Director

Much like you, I’ve supported banks that fund fossil fuels without even realising it.

My first job after university was with a London advertising agency, working on multi-million pound campaigns for a huge, fossil-fuel-funding bank.

So I’ve been a BIG part of the problem.

But since then, I’ve worked hard to be part of the solution– spending the last few years mass mobilising, living and breathing the mission. Slowly changing the world one protest at a time.

But it’s exhausting work, and it’s not for everyone… because most of us don’t have the time, the will, or the passion to throw ourselves into it hook, line and sinker.

And I’ve sometimes felt it so overwhelming to find out how to make a difference, that I’ve felt like giving up.

So when I started to learn more about the nefarious dealings of our high street banks, I saw the opportunity for simple, tangible change. On a huge scale. 

That’s why I was inspired to build SwitchIt. 

Because the truth is you don’t need to change your life entirely to make meaningful change in the world.

You just need to start with this one, simple thing.

Switch your money. It’s really that simple.

So I reckon we could all take 5 minutes to change the world, together. Don’t you?

Change the world without changing your life.

Join the Green Money Movement

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£143 Million+

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Need to get in touch about green finance?

Reach us here: hello@switchit.green

Alternate energy supplier choice is not available to residents in:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin

While these states may allow large industrial or commercial customers to choose their suppliers, residential customers have no access to retail energy providers.

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